Tenant Referencing – How To Protect Your Property

Thorough tenant referencing is vital. There are three reasons for referencing a tenant:

1. To verify a person is who they say they are
2. That they can afford the rent;
3. That they have honoured past tenancies.

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Information collected on the tenancy application can be used to trace them should they abscond, owing money. Should the applicant make false statements, this document also provides evidence for eviction.

Thorough tenant referencing will include checks such as:

• Financial check
• Affordability
• Current Residential check
• Current Utility Bills
• Public Information (CCJ’s, Bankruptcy)
• Landlord reference
• Employer reference

Extra precautions, such as asking for three months’ bank statements can help fend off tenants with ill intentions. You should take time to compare addresses shown on the application with those shown on the identity documents. You should be prepared to carry out regular property inspections during the tenancy.

Tenant Referencing Service

You should always use a professional referencing service, either through a letting agent, or if self-managing, using an independent tenant referencing service.

Inexperienced landlords may not know what to look out for and using a professional service reduces the risks to your property. We will run all necessary checks, provide a background history and credit reports, to help you avoid letting to the wrong person.

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