6 Steps to Easier Employment Referencing

Obtaining employment references for new employees needn’t be tedious. Follow these 6 simple tips to speed up the process and improve your completion rates:

1. Verify the employer exists

Accepting contact information provided by the CV candidate at face value could leave you open to receiving a fictitious reference. An internet search to verify the organisation exists is 2 minutes well spent.

2. Speak to HR

Don’t assume email addresses provided by the candidate are correct. The contact may have left the firm and many employers prevent line managers from providing references. Speaking to HR will ensure your request goes to the correct person.

3. Chase up

Don’t expect to send a single email, sit back and wait for the reference to arrive. Your reference request is likely to be at the bottom of the referee’s to do list so you’re going to have to chase up.

4. Make it easy for the referee to reply

Providing a 1-page template for the referee to complete will see the reference arrive sooner and it’s likely to contain more information than it would if you leave it to the referee.

5. Involve the candidate if the referee isn’t responding

If you do not receive the reference after 3 contact attempts instruct your candidate to speak to the referee to speed things up.

6. Maintain a database of reference contacts

Recruiting from the same industry sector or geographical area means you’ll probably contact the same organisations multiple times. Store the referee contact details to make future reference requests quicker and easier

Want to make referencing even easier?

Outsourcing your referencing will free up time within your HR team while we get on with referencing your new employees quickly and diligently.

In 2018, we obtained 95 % of all references we requested – why not give us a try?

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