Can A Private Investigator Help With Divorce Proceedings?

The answer is: Yes – and it’s a much more common practice than people think.

Going through a divorce is a challenging, distressing and potentially traumatic situation, especially where there are children involved. You may also be at risk of losing property, savings, and pensions.

When court proceedings begin, relations between the two parties can break down and it can be difficult to get your affairs in order. Additionally, it may seem like your ex-spouse is not being completely honest during the proceedings, and research shows that this is not only commonplace, but likely.

You could be finding it difficult to gather evidence to support the claims you’re making, or of the other party’s indiscretions.

Maybe you’ve considered using a private investigator to assist you in preparing for your divorce proceedings, but aren’t quite sure if it’s the right move.

We’ve put together some of the ways a private detective can be assist you during your divorce, to help you make up your mind.

Tracking evidence of indiscretions

If you suspect your ex-spouse has been unfaithful to you, or is involved in dishonest activities, a private investigator can track them to confirm if this is happening. This means that you’ll have a cast iron claim to present in court that can be used as evidence. This will prove to you and a judge that your marriage has broken down for a reason, and that you are not the responsible party.

Asset Tracing

Where financial matters are concerned, a private investigator will be able to obtain the relevant documents to ensure that the truth is presented in court. This will make sure that any financial aspects are based on totally correct information, and that there are no finances concealed.


Once you and your ex-spouse are separated, it can be hard to know what they are doing with their time and who they are spending time with – this is particularly distressing where children are involved. Even if you do not suspect them of any major indiscretions, this can be stressful, as the truth of the situation may differ from what they are telling you or the court. Placing them under the surveillance of a private investigator will let you know what your ex-spouse is doing and who is becoming involved in their life/your children’s lives. This means you will be certain whether the information they present to the judge is correct.

Background//Financial/Criminal Record Checks

If your divorce case is difficult, and you suspect your partner of serious indiscretions, perhaps you’d want to find out more about their past. Maybe they haven’t been honest with you about their life before they met you, and you have concerns about what they have hidden from you. Our private investigators can verify whether they have ever previously been in trouble with the law, and the nature of any offence, putting your mind at rest and/or giving you more solid evidence in your case.

With any divorce case, it can be frustrating that you often wish you had hard evidence of your claims – this is where a private detective comes in.

CIS Specialists have years of experience gathering information and evidence for divorce cases, and can help you feel confident in your divorce proceedings.

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